Come ride with us and see what you've been missing!

At Hayes Equestrian Center we believe there's more to a "riding lesson" than just learning how to ride. Being a good horseman means more than just riding well, it means knowing how to care for your horse too. With that in mind, each of our instructors will teach you how to groom and tack your horse properly and safely even before your first real ride. Our goal is to instill good horsemanship skills in all of our students.

Our lesson program includes year round instruction, in multiple disciplines, in our heated indoor arena, our outdoor arena, or our three round pens. We offer both private and group lessons to children as young as 8 years of age to adults at any age. We enjoy teaching both beginners and experienced riders. Whether you're new to riding or coming back after an extended absence, we're here to help get you started or calm your nerves.

Please call us at (860) 628-8044 or contact us online for additional information.